SwimTime 2020

Dear SwimTime Parents and Families
Thank you for your support of SwimTime this term, we hope that your children are more confident and capable in the water, but mostly that they have really enjoyed their time at the pool.
You will be aware that Norrahammar Sport Center will be closing for renovations, for what we have been told is the next 18 months. This Sunday is our final session, until the facility reopens.
The only option that we can provide your family in the New Year is at Nässjö Swim Hall on Saturday afternoons. Over the next fortnight we expect to be receiving confirmed dates from the Nässjö Kommun and we will start to Program classes.
SwimTime Nässjö offers
  • Parent assisted Groups
  • Warm teaching Pool for Future Swimmers
  • 6 Lane 25m Pool for the Future Champions
  • Classes will be between 1500 and 1730
  • Some Play space in the Main pool at all times (although it is deep)
Please be aware that spaces are very limited. If you are interested, following the session on Sunday we will have an enrollment form on the website to register interest on. We hope to see many of you continuing your swimming education in the New Year.
1) This Sunday our 0900, 0930, and 1000 Classes will run as Normal.
2) From 1030 – 1200 We will have an open play session for swimmers and families enrolled in this time slot. We will have our inflatable up and hope to have a lot of fun.
3) If you do not have your certificates up to date, please see us on Sunday.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and thank you sincerely for your support of SwimTime over the last 4 years at Norrahammar. We hope to return to the pool soon
The SwimTime Team

Great news

Dear Parents and SwimTime families
Great timing! This week we have received notification from the pool that the renovations have been delayed at the pool, and we can continue at Norrahammar through until December, and potentially beyond. This is great news.
We have however decided to just run our SwimTime Sunday session as numbers this season have been down on where they need to be to justify running both the Saturday and Sunday sessions. We would love to have you all join us at the pool, and enrollments can be taken by completing the form on our website. Please click on the link below.
We will be putting classes together at the end of June, and you will recieve confirmation of your booking in the first 2 weeks of July. Please if you have any family or friends that may be interested, alert them to this form. We will not advertise for new families until all our existing swimmers are catered to.

SwimTime Nässjö

Nässjö is now fully booked for the upcoming term August – December. All new registrations will be placed on a waiting list.

Feel free to email us at info@swimtime.se for more information.

The SwimTime team

Good news, SwimTime will be back at the Norrahammar

Update – SwimTime Norrahammar Sports Centre
Winter term 2018 starts January 13/14

Good news, SwimTime will be back at…

Posted by SwimTime on Thursday, 21 December 2017