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Aug – Dec

We are now accepting new registrations for next term starting 20th August 2022.

11 lessons

Don’t miss out as spaces are limited. We guarantee progress!

We are now accepting new registrations for next term starting 22nd January 2022.

15 lessons

Don’t miss out as spaces are limited. We guarantee progress!

SwimTime är inställt idag

Dear SwimTime families,
SwimTime är inställt idag på grund av ett positivt covid-19 test i familjen. Vi befinner oss i karantän tills nästa vecka enligt befintliga regler.
We will be back at the pool next week, and will be in contact over the next days with an update on a replacement weekend.
Enjoy the beautiful weather 🙂
SwimTime Team.

Aquarun at Hunsnäsen Eksjö

Happy midsommar to all our friends, followers and families of SwimTime.

To all those who are home next week and the week after we will have our big Aquarun up at Hunsnäsen lake (Eksjö) from kl11—


Bring the family along and have some fun with us at the lake.

We hope to see you all next week and if not have a long beautiful summer and keep safe.




The SwimTime team

SwimTime this weekend!!!!

Dear Parents
We have not received adequate response, and we are pleased to announce that we will be back at the pool this weekend. For those choosing to swim through until Summer all of the remaining dates are found at
We have five weeks leading into summer and it is a great chance for the children to improve their skills, and get ready for hopefully a great summer in the lakes.
A few procedural things we would like to enforce
1) As with School and Day care, if your child is showing symptoms of cold or Flu, please do not come to the pool.
2) We request that parents are well spaced on poolside. Our preference for the older children is that parents drop their children off, and then arrange for pick up after the lessons, and for those parents with small children please keep back from the pool edge.
3) Some families have chosen to return after the summer, you will be credited the missed 9 sessions off our Autumn term. The families returning this term, you will be credited the missed four lessons.
Thank you for your support of SwimTime and we look forward to being back in the water on Saturday.
The SwimTime Team

Covid-19 2020

Dear SwimTime families.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, SwimTime is postponed until further notice. At this stage there will be no swimming in April, and we will take it month by month after that.

We hope that we will be back at the pool soon, and look forward to seeing you.

Stay safe and healthy!

The SwimTime team.

Swimming lessons as usual!!

Dear SwimTime families

We look forward to seeing you at the pool in Nässjö.

In relation to recent health issues in the press, SwimTime will continue with swimming lessons while schools and pre-schools remain open. Just like school and work if you or your child shows symptoms of any form of cold or flu, of course please stay home.

Thank you for your support of SwimTime!

Change of Date 8th Feb

Dear Parents and SwimTime families

(reminder – there is no swimming tomorrow)

Thank you for your support of SwimTime, we are looking forward to a really great term.

Firstly, we have been contacted by Nässjö Kommun this week, and there is a problem with one of our bookings, which was out of our control. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING CHANGE

SwimTime will run on the 8th February and NOT the 29th February.

All the dates for the term can be found here https://swimtime.se/2020-schema-jan-juni/

There were a few issues on the weekend, which we will Iron out for next Saturday. One of the major changes moving forward is that we will not have any play space in the small pool. We are sorry as we appreciate many of the families enjoy this space, but we need the space to provide better quality lessons to your children and split up a few of the classes.

There is still space to play in the main pool, however we require any child swimming in the big pool to have parent supervision.

Again thank you for your support of SwimTime and we look forward to seeing you on the 25th.

Have a great weekend

The SwimTime Team